Bregenz: Theater am Kornmarkt

Country: Austria (Österreich)
State: Vorarlberg
City: Bregenz
Location: Kornmarktplatz

Built 1838-1840 by Josef Hirn as a granary. 1951-1953 converted to a theatre by Willibald Braun and Wilhelm Braun. 1993-1995 rebuilding and renovations by Helmut Kuess. Addition of a studio theatre. Used by the resident "Vorarlberger Landestheater" state drama ensemble and for opera performances. Also used for opera and drama performances by the Bregenzer Festspiele festival.

Notable world premieres:

  • Ludwig Fels: Soliman (15 Aug 1991)

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[Bregenz: Theater am Kornmarkt] Front Text: "Mein Abonnement", "Vorarlberger Landestheater", on sign: "Reserviert"
Reverse Text: advertising subscriptions for the 2007/08 season
Publisher: Vorarlberger Landestheater, Bregenz
Type: Advertising Card (not designed for postal use)
Size: Modern

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