Wien: Neues Wiener Stadttheater

Country: Austria (Österreich)
State: Wien
City: Wien
Location: 8.; Laudongasse 36 / Skodagasse 20 / Daungasse

Built 1913-1914 by Oskar Kaufmann. Originally the theatre was to be built for the "Wiener Schauspielhaus GmbH" as a home to the "Freie Volksbühne Wien" company. Due to financial problems, the unfinished theatre was sold to Anton Kleibel and Siegmund Bergmann in 1913. Opened 1 May 1914. Used for drama performances. 1918 interior rebuilding by Hermann Helmer. Subsequently used for operetta performances. Slightly damaged in World War II. Demolished 1960-1961.

[1968-1969 a library ("Haus des Buches") and a hotel were built on the former site of the theatre. The original complex by Kaufmann also included an apartment block that survives until today.]

[Wien: Neues Wiener Stadttheater] Front Text: "Wien, VIII. Wiener Stadttheater", inscription: "Wiener Stadttheater"
Publisher: B. K. W. I. (Brüder Kohn, Wien)
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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