Butrint: Teatri Antik

Country: Albania (Shqiperia)
City: Butrint / Butrinti (ancient name: Buthrotum)

Ancient Greek theatre, built in the 3th century BC. Rebuilt and converted into a Roman theatre in the 2nd century AD. Ca. 2500 seats.

First excavated 1928-1932 by Luigi Maria Ugolini. 1992 inscription in the Unseco World Heritage list as part of the Butrint archeological site.

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Butrint: Teatri Antik Stamps (Albania, 1959)
Text: "Butrinti", "Java e Monumenteve te Kultures"

Butrint: Teatri Antik Reverse Text: "Butrinti, Teatri - shek. IV-III, p.e.r.; Le Théâtre - IV-II siècle a.n.ère; The Theatre of the IV-III century b.o.era"
Publisher: Albturist; A 49
Size: Modern
Sent: to Toulon (France) [stamp and postmark removed]

Butrint: Teatri Antik Front Text: "Amfiteatri - Butrint - Albania" [wrong! this is a theatre, not an amphitheatre]
Reverse Text: "Amfiteatri - Butrint - Sarande, Amphitheatre of Butrint - Sarande"
Publisher: Klea Color, Tirana; 96/2331
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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