Ordino: Auditori Nacional d'Andorra

Country: Andorra
City: Ordino

Built in the early 1930s by Francesc Pifarré for Pau Xavier d'Areny Plandolit, next to the Areny Plandolit family estate (now the Areny Plandolit Museum). Originally intended to house as a hotel, the building was eventually opened as "Museo Areny de Ciencias Naturales" [natural sciences museum]. Closed in the 1950s. Subsequently used as a warehouse. 1986-1991 converted to a concert hall by José Garcia de Paredes. Re-opened Sep 1991. 509 seats.

Link: www.auditori.ad

[Ordino: Auditori Nacional d'Andorra] Stamp (Andorra, 2001)
Text: "10è anniversaire de l'Auditori Nacional d'Andorra"

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