Sofia: Nationalen Dvorets na Kulturata (NDK)

Country: Bulgaria
City: Sofia Location: Bulgaria pl., 1

"National Palace of Culture". Congress, culture and tradefair center, comprising 13 halls. Built by Ludmila Jivkova. Opened 1981.


[Sofia: Nationalen Dvorets na kulturata (NDK)] Reverse Text: "Sofia - Narodniyam dvorets na kulturata 'Sofie'; Sofiya - Nationalny dvorets kultury 'Sofiaya'; Sofia - Der nationale Palast der Kultur 'Sofia'"
Publisher: Septemvri; IP-2692-I/82
Type: Maximum Card
Size: Modern
Stamp: "Naroden dvorets na kulturata 'Sofia'" (Bulgaria, 1981)
Postmark: Sofia, 13 Mar 1981

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