Luzern: Luzerner Theater

Country: Switzerland (Schweiz/Suisse/Svizzera/Svizera)
Canton: Luzern
City: Luzern
Location: Theaterplatz

Built 1838-1839 as "Stadttheater" by Louis Pfyffer von Wyher. Various minor rebuildings. 1924 severely damaged by a fire. Subsequently restored to altered plans, with only the original middle tract remaining. Also known as "Theater an der Reuss". Used for opera, ballet and drama performances by the resident companies.

Notable world premieres:

  • Pavel Kohout: Ruleta (18 Aug 1975)

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[Luzern: Luzerner Theater] Front Text: "Luzern, Stadttheater"
Publisher: E. Goetz, Luzern; No. 1644
Type: Undvided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Luzern to Berlin (Germany), 1903

[Luzern: Luzerner Theater] Picture: left: Luzerner Theater
Front Text: "Luzern, Theater und Jesuitenkirche"
Publisher: Edition Photoglob, Zürich; 11140
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Luzern to Utrecht (Netherlands), 1911

[Luzern: Luzerner Theater] Picture: centre right: Luzerner Theater
Front Text: "Luzern, Kapellbrücke, Seidenhof, Stadttheater und Pilatus"
Publisher: Photoglob Wehrli A. G., Zürich; 10996
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Not sent.

[Luzern: Luzerner Theater] Picture: left: Kapellbrücke and Wasserturm, centre: Luzerner Theater, right: Jesuitenkirche, background: Pilatus mountain
Reverse Text: "Luzern - Lucerne, Kapellbrücke, Pilatus, Jesuitenkirche"
Publisher: Photoglob, Zürich/Vevey
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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