Limassol: Kourion Theatron

Country: Cyprus
City: Lemesos / Limassol
Location: Kourion (Curium)

Ancient Greek theatre of the city of Kourion, built in the late 2nd century BC. Rebuilding in the 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. 3,500 seats. Abandoned in the 4th century AD. Ca. 3000 seats.

Excavated and reconstructed in modern times by Antonis Travlos.

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[Lemesos / Limassol: Kourion Theatron] Stamp (Cyprus, 15 June 1964) Text: "Kourion - Curium"

[Lemesos / Limassol: Kourion Theatron] Front Text: "Curium Theatre - Cyprus"
Reverse Text: "Cyprus. Curium is about 16 kiolm. west of Limassol and its most important monuments are the Roman Theater and the Basilica. - Chyphre. Kourion est situé à 16km quest de Limassol. Ses monuments le plus importants sont le théatre romain et la Basilique. - Zypern. Kurium liegt ca. 16 km westlich der Stadt Limassol. Die wichtigsten Denkmaeler sind das Theater und die Vasiliki-Kirche."
Publisher: K. N. Papadopoulos Merchants; No. 957
Size: Modern
Not sent.

[Lemesos / Limassol: Kourion Theatron] Front Text: "The Ancient Theatre of Curium, Limassol, Cyprus"
Reverse Text: "The ancient theatre of Curium (excavated and reconstructed). The original theatre was on the Greek model and it was built in the late 2nd century B. C. It was reconstructed and enlarged in the 2nd and 3rd century A. D. to accommodate 3,500 people. It was finally abandoned in the 4th century A. D."
Publisher: Mona Ltd., Limassol; S807
Size: 16.8 x 11.9 cm
Sent: from Larnaca to Zweibrücken (Germany), 1992

[Lemesos / Limassol: Kourion Theatron] Front Text: "Ancient Theatre - Curium"
Reverse Text: "Ancient Theatre - Curium"
Publisher: Zevlaris, Nicosia; 501
Size: 16.5 x 12.0 cm
Sent: from Paphos to Chivenor (United Kingdom), 1996

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