Paphos: Odeon

Country: Cyprus
City: Paphos (Paphus Nova, Pafos)

Odeon of the Asklepieion in Paphos, built in the late 1st century AD. Excavated and reconstructed in modern times.

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Paphos: Odeon Front Text: "The Ancient Amphitheater of Paphos" [wrong, this is an oedon (a small theatre), not an amphitheatre]
Reverse Text: "The Ancient Amphitheater of Paphos. Das Alte Amphitheater von Paphos. L'Ancien Ampthithéâtre de Paphos. Anfitheatro Pafou"
Publisher: Mona, Nicosia; M 1103
Size: Modern
Sent: to Bruxelles (Belgium), [stamp and postmark removed]

Paphos: Odeon Front Text: "Pafos Theatre", "Cyprus"
Publisher: Editions Zevlaris, Lefkosia
Size: Modern
Sent: from Nicosia to Dunstable (United Kingdom), 2007

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