Krnov: Mestské Divadlo

Country: Czech Republic (Ceská Republika)
City: Krnov (Jägerndorf)

Built 1927-1928 as theatre and cinema "Licht- und Schauspielhaus" by Leo Kammel for the city of Jägerndorf. Also known as "Stadttheater". Opened Nov 1928 with a prologue by mayor Andratschke and an opera by Franz Schubert (probably "Rosamunde"). Originally 800 seats, later: 1009 seats.

[Krnov: Mestske Divadlo] Reverse Text: "Jägerndorf, Licht- und Schauspielhaus"
Publisher: Cela Verlag, Jägerndorf
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Sent: from Jägerndorf to Hamburg (Germany), 1939

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