Litomyšl: Zámecké Divadlo

Country: Czech Republic (Česká Republika)
City: Litomyšl (Leitomischl)
Location: Zámek Litomysl, Jiráskova 93

Castle theatre, also known as "Zámecké Divadelko" (Small Castle Theatre), located in the ground floor of the West wing.

Built 1796-1798 for the Duke of Valdstejn-Vartemberk (Waldstein-Wartemberg) at the site of a previous theatre (destroyed by a fire). Opened 23 Apr 1798 with a drama performance. Used for modern drama performances, performed by members of the ducal family. The original stage machinery by Vaclav Bonaventura as well as two original curtains and sixteen original stage sets by Josef Plazer (famous for his stage sets for the world premiere of Moazrt's "Don Giovanni" in Práha) survive until today. Since 1949 used for opera performances and concerts during the "Smetanova Litomyšl" summer festival. 1991 inscription in the Unseco World Heritage list, as part of the Litomyšl castle complex. 133 seats.

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Litomysl: Zamecke Divadlo Reverse Text: "Litomyšl - Zámecké divadlo. Scena teatry v zamke. The Castle Theatre. Schlosstheater. Le théatre du château."
Handwritten Reverse Text: dated 1967
Publishers: Pressfoto, Praha; SOm 246/3 4641 05-09-789 A 20'71204
Size: Modern
Sent: to Béziers (France) [stamp and postmark removed]

Litomysl: Zamecke Divadlo Front Text: "Nová - Litomyšl - Série - Historie a Kultura"
Reverse Text: "Litomyšl - Zámecké divadlo z konce 18 století - Castle theatre of the end 18th century"
Size: Modern
Sent: from Hradec Králové to Reinach (Switzerland), 2000

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