Barcelona: Teatre Grec

Country: Spain (España)
Region: Catalunya
City: Barcelona
Location: Montjuic, Pg Santa Madrona 36

Spanish name: "Teatro Griego".

Open-air theatre, built 1929 for the "Exposicíon Internacional de Barcelona" exposition (as a modern adaption of a Greek theatre, losely based on the Theatre at Epidauros). Since 1976, used for the "Festival d'Estiu de Barcelona " summer festival, also known as "Festival Grec".

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[N.B.: This theatre is not identical with the central plaza in Barcelona's Parque Güell, also known under the name "Teatre Grec/Teatro Griego" as intended by its creator A. Gaudi.]

Barcelona: Teatre Grec Front Text: "Exposicíon Internacional de Barcelona - Teatro Griego"
Publisher: Patronato Nacional del Turismo [Spanish Tourist Board]
Type: Advertisement Card; Divided Back
Size: Classic
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