Madrid: Teatro del Príncipe

Country: Spain (España)
Region: Madrid
City: Madrid
Location: Calle del Príncipe 25

[1st theatre on the site opened 21 Sep 1583 as "Corral de la Pacheca", later known as "Corral de Comedias del Príncipe". Ca. 1745 demolished in favour of a new theatre.]

Built 1745 as "Teatro del Príncipe" by Giovanni Battista Sacchetti. Mainly used for drama performances. 763 seats. Destroyed by a fire in 1802.

[1802-1807 a new theatre was built on the site by Juan de Villanueva. 1849 re-named "Teatro Español". 1887 demolished in favour of a new "Teatro Español" building.]

Madrid: Teatro del Principe Picture: Masked Ball for Don Carlos (the later King Charles IV.) and his bride Maria Luisa of Parma, 1767 (left: audiutorium, right: lowered staged framed by stage sets mirroring the auditorium design)
Front Text: "Baile en Mascara"
Reverse Text: "Luis Paret y Alcázar (1746-1799) - Maskenball im Teatro del Principe in Madrid, 1767, Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid"
Publisher: Haus der Kunst, München; Theatrum Mundi 2003
Type: modern postcard reproduction of an old painting
Size: Modern
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