Saint Helier: Jersey Opera House

Country: Jersey
City: Saint Helier
Location: Gloucester Street

[1st theatre on the site built in the 19th century. Destroyed by fire. 2nd theatre built 1900 as "Jersey Opera House" by Adolph Curry. Destroyed by fire in May 1921.]

Built 1922 as a theatre and cinema by Jesty and Baker. Renovations in the 1930s. Re-opened 1935. 1996-2000 major renovations. Re-opened 9 July 2000. Used for operetta, musical, and drama performances. 625 seats.

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[Saint Helier: Jersey Opera House] Front Text: "The Opera House & Gloucester St, Jersey", inscription: "Theatre"
Publisher: Albert Smith, Jersey; 189
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: to Bray (France), 1919

[Saint Helier: Jersey Opera House] Stamp (Jersey, 1993)
Text: "Europa"

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