Douglas: Gaiety Theatre

Country: Isle of Man
City: Douglas
Location: Harris Promenade

Built 1893 as "Pavilion" for Richard Maltby Broadbent. 1899 purchased by the Palace and Derby Castle Company. 1899 extensive rebuilding by Frank Matcham. Re-opened 16 July 1900 as "Gaiety Theatre" with C. M. S. McLellan and Gustave Kerker's "The Telephone Girl". In the 1920s also used as a cinema. 1971 purchased by the Isle of Man Government. 1976 and in the 1990s restorations. Re-opened 17 July 2000 again with "The Telephone Girl". Used for drama, opera and musical performances. 898 seats.

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Douglas: Gaiety Theatre Front Text: "The Gaiety Theatre Doll"
Reverse Text: "The doll standing outside the Gaiety Theatre and Opera House, Douglas, Isle of Man, U. K. is dressed in the style of 1900, the year thea theatre was opened."
Publisher: Craftime Ltd., Ramsey, Isle of Man / Fidelity Colour Printers, Essex; FSM740/102
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Douglas: Gaiety Theatre Front Text: "Rosary Window, Gaiety Theatre, Douglas, Isle of Man: Frank Matcham 1900", "Theatresearch - Historic Theatre Consultants"
Reverse Text: advertising the restoration company Theatresearch
Publisher: Theatresearch, Summerbridge (England)
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Douglas: Gaiety Theatre Stamp (Isle of Man, 29 Apr 1987)
Text: "The Gaiety Theatre, Douglas", "Europa"

Douglas: Gaiety Theatre Stamps (Isle of Man, 2000)
Text: "Gaiety Theatre Centenary"; "Ballet", "Comedy", "Drama", "Panto", "Opera", "Musicals"

Douglas: Gaiety Theatre Phonecard
Reverse Text: "Manx Telecom", "Celebrating 100 years of the prettiest theatre in the island. The Gaiety Theatre, Douglas, 1900-2000", "Tragedy"

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