Douglas: Palace Ballroom / Opera House / Coliseum

Country: Isle of Man
City: Douglas
Location: Central Promenade

Palace Ballroom: Dance hall, built 1887-1889. Opened 3 Aug 1889. Roof damaged by a fire in 1902 and subsequently rebuilt. Destroyed by a fire in 1920. Subsequently major rebuilding to new designs (also known as "The White Palace"). Total capacity: ca. 6200 persons. Demolished 1994 in favour of an extension of a casino complex.

Palace Opera House: Theatre. 1800 seats. Currently used as a cinema.

Palace Colliseum: Theatre, built 1912-1913. Connected to the ballroom building by a bridge. Opened 21 July 1913. Ca. 3000 seats. Demolished in 1965 in favour of a hotel and casino complex.


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