Piraiévs: Demotikon Theatron

Country: Greece (Ellás)
City: Piraiévs (Piraeus)
Location: Korai Square

Built 1884-1895 by Ioannis Lazarimos as a municipal theatre for the city of Piraiévs. 1981 damaged during earthquakes. Subsequently restorated. 1300 seats. The building also includes a smaller theatre (the former foyer), the History Archives of the City of Piraiévs, and the P. Aravantinos Museum of Stage Design.

[Piraievs: Demotikon Theatron] Reverse Text: "Piraiévs, To Demotikon Theatron - Le Pirée, Le Théâtre Municipal - Piraeus, Municipal Theatre - Piräus, Das Stadttheater - Pireo, Il Teatro Municipale"
Publisher: E. Diakakis, Athinai
Size: Modern
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