Philippi: Théatro

Country: Greece (Ellás)
City: Philippi

Ancient Greek theatre, built ca. 4th century B.C. Converted into a Roman theatre in the 2nd century A.D.

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Philippi: Theatro Front Text: "Kavalla, To archaion Théatron Phillipou; Kavala - L'Ancien Théâtre des Philippes"
Publisher: Leonar
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
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Philippi: Theatro Front Text: "Theatre of Philippi"
Reverse Text: "Kavala, Archaion Théatron Phillipoi - Filippi; Cavala: Ancien Théâtre des Philippes, Philippes; Cavala: The ancient Theatre of Philippi, Philippi"
Publisher: Ekdosis; No. 42
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Philippi: Theatro Reverse Text: "Kavala, Philippoi, To Théatro - Kavala, Filippi, The Theatre - Kavala, Filippi, Le Theatre"
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Philippi: Theatro Front Text: "Philippi"
Reverse Text: "Kavalla Phillipoi - Tó archaion théatron; Cavalla-Philipi - The ancient theatre; Cavalla-Philipi - Le théâtre ancien; Cavalla-Philipi - Il teatro antico; Cawalla-Philipi - Das Ancientheater"
Publisher: Issaias; T15-111
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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