Thessaloniki: Basilikos Theatro

Country: Greece (Ellás)
City: Thessaloniki
Location: White Tower Square

Currently used by the National Theatre of Northern Greece. Also used for concerts and as a cinema. 800 seats. Foyer also used for exhibitions.

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[Thessaloniki: Basilikos Theatro] Picture: right: Basilikos Theatro
Reverse Text: "Thessaloniki: To Kraticho Theatro, Thessaloniki: Théâtre National, Thessaloniki: National Theater"
Size: Modern
Sent: from Thessaloniki to Duisburg (Germany), 1963

[Thessaloniki: Basilikos Theatro] Picture: left: White Tower, right: Basilikos Theatro
Reverse Text: "Thessaloniki - White Tower - The Theater, La Tour Blanche - Le Théatre, Der Weisser Turm - Das Theater" [sic!]
Publisher: Edition Photo Lykides, Thessaloniki
Size: Modern
Sent: to Lüdenscheid (Germany) [stamp and postmark removed]

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