Wexford / Loch Garman: Theatre Royal

Country: Ireland
City: Wexford / Loch Garman
Location: High Street

Built 1832 for William Taylor. Used as a touring venue by the Walsham Opera Company and other touring companies. From the 1900s, also used by the Wexford Amateur Light Opera Society. 1942 major interior alterations. Subsequently used as a cinema, but also used by amateur theatre companies. Since 1951, home to the "Wexford Festival Opera", an annual festival of rarely performed opera. From 1973-2000, most neighbouring houses could be acquired in order to extend the theatre: 1973 extension of the foyers, 1979 improvement of backstage area, 1987 auditorium extension and rebuilding of the roof, 1993 rebuilding of foyers, 1999 improvement and extension of backstage area (making it possible for the conductor to reach the orchestra pit from backstage without having to walk through the auditorium or having to use an outdoor shortcut). Closed in 2005. Demolished in favour of the new National Opera House which opened in 2008.

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[Wexford / Loch Garman: Theatre Royal] Front Text: "Éire, Wexford Opera Festival"
Stamp: Ireland, 27 Aug 1987
Reverse Text: "Festivals of Ireland, Wexford Opera"
Publisher: AN Post; Maximum Card No. 3, 1987
Type: Maximum Card
Size: Modern
Not sent.

[Wexford / Loch Garman: Theatre Royal] Front Text: inscription: "Theatre Royal"
Reverse Text: "High Street Wexford, Members of the audience during an interval on High Street"
Publisher: Wexford Festival Opera
Size: 11.8 x 17.0 cm
Not sent.

[Wexford / Loch Garman: Theatre Royal] Reverse Text: "The Theatre Royal 2005"
Publisher: Wexford Festival Opera
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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