Bergen: Den Nationale Scene

Country: Norway (Norge)
City: Bergen

Built 1906-1909 by Einar Oscar Shou. Lobby artwork by Arne Lofthus. Lobby damaged in World War II. 1976 extension by functional rooms. 1983 restaurant damaged by a fire, subsequently rebuilt to the original designs. 1989 restoration of the theatre lobby (artwork by Karl Erik Harr).

The building includes three theatres:

  • Store Scene [Great Hall]: Opened 19 February 1909 with Ludvig Holberg's "Erasmus Montanus". 1930 damaged by a fire, subsequently rebuilding including a revolving stage. 1940-1941 interior rebuilding. 1967-1968 interior redecoration. 2001 auditorium restoration to the original designs, modernization of stage technology. Originally 826 seats, today 450 seats.
  • Småscenen: Built 1982 by Halvdan Grieg. 250 seats.
  • Lille Scene: Built 1967. 90 seats.

Notable world premieres:

  • Jon Fosse: Namnet (27 May 1995)
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[Bergen: Den Nationale Scene] Front Text: "Det nye Theater, Bergen." [the new theatre]
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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[Bergen: Den Nationale Scene] Reverse Text: "Norway. Bergen, Den Nationale Scene. 'Den Nationale Scene'. Bergen's principal theatre."
Publisher: Knut Aune Kunstforlag; F-4428-0
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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