Wroclaw: Schauspielhaus

Country: Poland (Polska)
Voivodship: Województwo Dolnoslaskie
City: Wroclaw (Breslau)
Location: (Gartenstraße 45 / Theaterstraße 3 / Springergasse)

Built 1905-1906 by Walter Hentschel with Hermann Wahlich and Hermann George as a private theatre for Paul Auerbach. Opened 14 Nov 1906 with Karl Biberfeld's festival play "Vor hundert Jahren" and Johann Strauß's "1001 Nacht". Originally used for drama and operetta performances, later exclusively used for operetta performances. 1736 seats.

Notable world premieres:

  • Eduard Künneke: Lady Hamilton (25 Sep 1926)

Wroclaw: Schauspielhaus Front Text: "Breslau, Am Schauspielhaus"
Publisher: Trinks & Co., G.m.b.H., Leipzig; 14
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
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