Cluj-Napoca: Teatrul maghiar de stat / Állami Magyar Színház

Country: Romania
City: Cluj-Napoca (Klausenburg, Kolzsvár)
Location: Cluj

[Hungarian State Theatre]

Built 1909-1910 by Géza Márkus and Frigyes Spiegel as a summer theatre for the local Hungarian theatre company whose main home was the "Nemzeti Színház" (since 1919: "Teatrul National"). Opened 18 July 1910. Since 1919, main home to the Hungarian theatre company. 1959-1961 major rebuilding by Ioan Paiu and János Sóvágó. Used for performances in Hungarian by the resident company. 862 seats.


[Cluj-Napoca: Teatrul maghiar de stat / Allami Magyar Szinhaz] Picture: before the 1959-1961 rebuilding
Front Text: "Teatrul maghiar"
Publisher: Fotofilm, Cluj; No. 59
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Sent: from Cluj to Sándorfalva (Hungary), 1937

[Cluj-Napoca: Teatrul maghiar de stat / Allami Magyar Szinhaz] Picture: after the 1959-1961 rebuilding
Reverse Text: "Cluj - Teatrul si opera maghiara de stat - Magyar State Theatre and Opera House - Le Théâtre et l'Opéra hongrois d'État - Das ungarische Staatstheater und die ungarische Staatsoper - Clush, Vengersky gosudarstvenny operny y dramatichesky teatr"
Publisher: Editiura Meridiane; 5719
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Not sent.

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