Beograd: Narodno pozoriste (new)

Country: Serbia (Srbija)
City: Beograd
Location: Francuska 3

National theatre, built 1922 by Josip Bukavac on the site of the previous "Narodno pozoriste" (built 1869, destroyed 1914). Severely damaged by bombs on 6 Apr 1941. Subsequently repaired. 1986-1989 major reconstruction to the original designs. Used for opera, drama, and ballet performances.

Notable world premieres:

  • Sevan Hristic: Suton (26 Nov 1925)
  • Mihovil Logar: Pokondirena tikva (20 Oct 1956)


[Beograd: Narodno pozoriste (new)] Front Text: "Beograd - Narodno pozoriste, Belgrade - Théâtre national"
Publisher: Izdanje Umetniycke Galerije
Size: Classic
Sent: from Beograd to Zagreb (Croatia), 1932

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