Quimper: Théâtre Max Jacob

Country: France
Department, Region: Finistère, Bretagne
City: Quimper
Location: place Dupleix

Built 1899-1904 by G. Lafont as "Théâtre municipal", on a site bequested to the city of Quimper by Urbain Couchouren. Later renamed in honour of the Quimper-born writer, Max Jacob (1883-1944), who wrote a novel and a play, "Le Terrain Bouchaballe", about the political quarrels around the Couchouren bequest and the building of the theatre. 254 seats. Currently used by the "Théâtre de Cournouaille, scène nationale de Quimper" company.

Link: www.theatre-cornouaille.fr

[Quimper: Theatre Max Jacob] Front Text: "Quimper - Le Théâtre (G. Lafont, Architecte, Nantes)"
Publisher: Collection Villard, Quimper
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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