Bad Ems: Kursaal

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Rheinland-Pfalz
City: Bad Ems

"Kurhaus" or "Kursaal" complex built 1711-1720 as a spa palace for the dukes of Nassau-Oranien. Later various extensions and rebuildings.

"Marmorsaal" (marble hall): Built 1836-1839 by Johann Gottfried Gutensohn. Used for concerts, theatre performances, balls, and other events. Until 1872, also used as a casino.

"Kurtheater": Theatre, built 1913-1914.

"Kleiner Konzertsaal": Concert hall, built 1913-194. Since 1987 used as a casino.

Notable world premieres:

  • Jacques Offenbach: Les Bavards (as "Bavard et Bavarde", 11 June 1862)
  • Jacques Offenbach: Signor Fagotto (11 July 1863)
  • Jacques Offenbach: Lischen et Fritzchen (1863)
  • Jacques Offenbach: Le Fifre Enchanté ou Le Soldat magicien (9 July 1864)
  • Jacques Offenbach: Jeanne qui pleure et Jean qui rit (July 1864)
  • Jacques Offenbach: Coscoletto ou Le Lazzarone (24 July 1865)
  • Jacques Offenbach: La permission de dix heures (9 July 1867)
  • Jacques Offenbach: La Leçon de chant électromagnétique (Aug 1867)


[Bad Ems: Kurhaus und Theater] Front Text: "Bad Ems a. d. Lahn, Römerstrasse mit Kursaalgebäude und Theater"
Publisher: Louis Glaser, Leipzig; 3792
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: by German Forces' Postal Service, from Bad Ems to Bielefeld, 1918

[Bad Ems: Kurhaus und Theater] Picture: above left: Kurhaus complex, right: Marmorsaal, below left: foyer, middle: Kurtheater; right: reading room
Front Text: above left: "Bad Ems. Kursaalgebäude und Theater"; right: "Kursaal", below left: "Vorhalle"; middle: "Theater"; right: "Lesesaal"
Handwritten Reverse Text: dated 7 June 1919
Publisher: Louis Glaser, Leipzig
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

[Bad Ems: Kurhaus und Theater] Front Text: "Bad Ems, Kursaal - Theatersaal und Lesesaal"
Publisher: Cramers Kunstanstalt, Dortmund; Cekade Em 68 5/1
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
Not sent.

[Bad Ems: Kurhaus und Theater] Reverse Text: "Bad Ems, Kursaal"
Publisher: Kunstverlag Herbert Sala, Berlin-Wilmersdorf; Nr. 506
Size: Modern
Send: from Bad Ems to Velbert, 1961

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