Berlin: Delphi-Filmpalast

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Berlin
City: Berlin
Location: Charlottenburg, Kantstraße 12a (next to the "Theater des Westens")

Cinema, built 1947-1949 by Brader & Buggenhausen for Walter Jonigkeit, as a simplified reconstruction of the Delphi-Palast dance club (built 1927-1928 by Bernhard Sehring, destroyed in World War II). Opened 3 Nov 1949 with the movie "That Hamilton Woman" (as "Lord Nelsons letzte Liebe"). Ca. 1000 seats. Location of the 2nd Berlinale Film Festival in 1952. Since 1956, the basement is home to the "Vaganten-Bühne" theatre. Basement also used by the jazz club, "Quasimodo". In the 1980s, location of the Berliner Jazzfest jazz festival. Installation of a stage, subsequently also used as a rehearsal stage by the "Theater des Westens". 1997-1998 major restoration, reconstruction of the original façade and gardens.

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[Berlin: Delphi-Filmpalast] Picture: left: Delphi-Filmpalast, right: Theater des Westens
Reverse Text: "Theater des Westens"
Publisher: Ute + Bern Eickemeyer, Berlin; Berlin Nr. B91
Type: Moonlight Card
Size: Modern
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