Berlin: Zoo-Palast

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Berlin
City: Berlin
Location: Charlottenburg, Budapester Straße 38 / Hardenbergstraße 29A

Cinema, built 1955-1957 by Paul Schwebes, Hans Schoszberger, and Gerhard Fritsche as a part of the "Zentrum am Zoo". The complex included two cinemas (main cinema: 1200 seats, "Atelier am Zoo": 550 seats). From 1957 to 1999, home to the Berlinale Film Festival. 1994 converted to a multiplex complex with nine cinemas by UCI Kinowelt. Largest cinema: 1070 seats, other cinemas: 1794 seats in all. Re-opened 28 Sep 1994 as "UCI Kinowelt Zoo-Palast", with the first laser show equipment installed in a German cinema.


[Berlin: Zoo-Palast] Front Text: signs: "Zoo Palast", "Atelier am Zoo", poster: advertising the movie "Das Glas Wasser"
Reverse Text: "Berlin, Hardenbergstraße"
Publisher: Hans Andres Verlag, Berlin
Size: Modern
Sent: from Berlin to Biehringen, 1961

[Berlin: Zoo-Palast] Front Text: "Kino-Magie Zoo Palast Berlin"
Reverse Text: "Kinoarchitektur fotografiert von Christine Kisorsy zum 50. Jubliäum des Berliner Kinos 'ZOO PALAST'. 31 Mai bis 15. Juli 2007"
Publisher: Kommunale Galerie Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf, Berlin
Type: advertisement card, not designed for postal use
Size: 21 x 10 cm

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