Bremen: Tivoli-Theater

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Bremen
City: Bremen
Location: An der Weide 10

[First theatre on the site built 1849 as a summer theatre. 1852 renamed "Tivoli". Destroyed by fire in 1890.]

New theatre opened 1892, with a great hall (ca. 3000 seats), a concert hall and various other rooms. Purchased by the city of Bremen in 1911. Used as a variety and operetta theatre (1800 seats). 1920 renamed "Stadttheater An der Weide". 1925 converted to a cinema. Destroyed by bombs in World War II. [Cinema rebuilt 1948 and operated as "UT am Bahnhof" within the Gewerkschafthaus trade union building "Gewerkschafthaus".]

[Remark: This is not the same theatre as "Luers Tivoli" in Bremen-Hemelingen, now "Aladin Music Hall/Tivoli Bremen".]

[Bremen: Tivoli-Theater] Front Text: "Tivoli-Theater", "Gruss aus - Bremen", small picture below: "Garten" [garden]
Type: Undivided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: [stamp and postmark removed, address illegible]

[Bremen: Tivoli-Theater] Front Text: "Bremen, Tivoli-Theater, An der Weide (Fasst 2700 Personsn - Architekt C. W. Brennecke.)", on signs: "Tivoli-Theater", "Zum Hackerbräu", "Zum Hackerbräu Ausschank von Münchner Hackerbräu und St. Pauli Bier", "Sawada"
Size: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Bremen to Leer, 1909

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