Dresden: Kleines Hoftheater (Morettisches Opernhaus)

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Sachsen
City: Dresden
Location: Altstadt, Theaterplatz

Built 1755 by Julius Heinrich Schwarze and Christian Gottlieb Reuß for the impresario Moretti. Named "Kleines Hoftheater" [small court theatre] to distinguish it from the "Großes Opernhaus am Zwinger" (built 1718-1719, converted in to a concert hall in 1772, destroyed by a fire in 1849). Originally built from wood, rebuilt 1761 fro m stone. After 1772, the "Kleines Hoftheater" became the main venue for opera and theatre performances in Dresden. Demolished 1841 after Semper's first Hoftheater (built 1838-1841, destroyed by a fire in 1869) was opened at another site (directly neighbouring the Kleines Hoftheater) on Theaterplatz.

Notable world premieres:

  • Ferdinando Paer: Sargino (26 May 1803)
  • Ferdinando Paer: Leonora (3 Oct 1804)

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[Dresden: Kleines Hoftheater] Picture: left: Kleines Hoftheater, ca. 1800; right: Semper's second "Hoftheater" (Semperoper)
Front Text: "das alte Theater 1800", "Gruss aus Dresden", "i. Jahr 1899"
Publisher: C. Schwager Nachfolger, Dresden
Type: Undivided Back
Size: Classic
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