Freiberg: Stadttheater

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Sachsen
City: Freiberg
Location: Buttermarkt

Originally built 1623 as a townhouse. Used as a theatre since 1790. Opened 7 Apr 1790 with a German comedy. 1791 extension by a neighbouring house. 1850 renovations. 1876-1885 extension and major exterior and interior rebuilding. 1896-1897 extension and major exterior and interior rebuilding. 1907 extension. 1951 closed due to structural problems. 1951-1952 renovations. Re-opened 21 Dec 1952 with Schiller's "Kabale und Liebe". 1981 collapse of the extension building in Borngasse, subsequently rebuilt. 1986-1991 extensions, major renovations to the 1880 plans. 316 seats (+ 10 standing). One of the homes of the "Mittelsächsisches Theater" drama and opera ensembles (together with the Stadttheater at Döbeln).

Notable world premieres:

  • Carl Maria von Weber: Das stumme Waldmädchen oder Das Mädchen im Spessartwalde (24 Nov 1800)


[Freiberg (Sachsen): Stadttheater] Front Text: inscription: "Die Kunst gehört dem Volke" [Art is the People's property]
Reverse Text: "Freiberg i. Sa., Stadttheater"
Publisher: ERKA Fotografischer Verlag R. Kallmer, Zwickau; 12425 K 2/28/76 IV-14-48 D 67
Type: Real Photo
Size: Modern
Not sent.

[Freiberg (Sachsen): Stadttheater] Picture: above right: Stadttheater
Front Text: "Freiberg"
Reverse Text: "Freiberg - Schwanenschlößchen - Theater - Schaubergwerk 'Alte Elisabeth' - Gerberbrunnen - Freibergsdorfer Hammer"
Publisher: Kunstverlag Brück & Sohn, Meißen; FBG 32 399
Size: Modern
Not sent.

[Freiberg (Sachsen): Stadttheater] Picture: auditorium after the 1986-1991 renovations
Reverse Text: "Mittelsächsisches Theater Freiberg"
Publisher: Verlag A. & R. Adam, Dresden; 17050
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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