Ravensburg: Altes Theater

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Baden-Württemberg
City: Ravensburg
Location: Am Gespinstmarkt / Marktstraße

Built 1625 as "Brotlaube", a municipal market hall. Ground floor arcades originally used as a market hall by the local bakers and still in use during the weekly market on Saturday. Large first floor hall originally also used for trading during market times. From 1698 until the 19th century used as a theatre by the local "Komödiantengesellschaft". Later used as municipal art gallery, "Städtische Galerie 'Altes Theater'"; closed 2011. Currently used as classrooms by the "Duale Hochschule" university.

Ravensburg: Altes Theater Picture: Gespinstmarkt, with staircase tower of Altes Theater
Reverse Text: "Ravensburg, Beim alten Theater"
Publisher: Dorn's Heimatkunstkarte; 530
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

Ravensburg: Altes Theater Picture: right side, third building from the right: Markstraße façade
Reverse Text: "Ravensburg, Marktstraße mit Blaserturm"
Publisher: Risch-Lau & Gebr. Metz GmbH, Salzburg; 7980-252/252
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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