Stuttgart: Liederhalle (old)

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Baden-Württemberg
City: Stuttgart

Built 1863-1864 by Christian Friedrich Leins for the "Stuttgarter Liederkranz" (a choral society). Opened 1864. 1874-1875 extension by a large concert hall by Christian Friedrich Leins. 1906 rebuilding of the entrance tract. Destroyed by bombs on 8 Oct 1943 and 12 Sep 1944. 1946 provisional rebuilding of the entrance tract and a concert hall. Later demolished in favour of the new "Liederhalle" (built 1955-1956).

[Stuttgart: Liederhalle (old)] Picture: before the 1906 rebuilding
Front Text: "1979 - Stuttgart Liederhalle - 2004", "Gruss aus Etablissement Liederhalle", "25 Jahre Stuttgarter Ansichtskartenmesse"
Publisher: Stuttgarter Ansichtskartenmesse, Fritz und Angelika Keller, Stuttgart
Type: reproduction (2004) of an old postcard (ca. 1900), limited edition for guests of the postcard fair held regularly in the new "Liederhalle" foyers
Size: Modern
Not sent.

[Stuttgart: Liederhalle (old)] Picture: after the 1906 rebuilding
Front Text: Stuttgart, Liederhalle
Publisher: Photogr. und Verlag v. L. Schaller, Stuttgart
Size: Classic
Sent: from Stuttgart to München, 1912

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