Stuttgart: Deutsches Theater

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Baden-Württemberg
City: Stuttgart
Location: Heusteigstraße / Lehenstraße

Built 1898 as "Apollo-Theater" by Burkhardt and Schmidt. Ca. 1905 renamed "Residenz-Theater". Closed in 1912, subsequently rebuilt and used as "Lichtspielpalast" cinema. Later renamed "Deutsches Theater".

[N.B.: The currently operating "Apollo Theater" is another theatre located within the SI-Centrum at Stuttgart-Möhringen.]

[Stuttgart: Deutsches Theater] Front Text: "Stuttgart, Apollo-Theater", inscription: "Apollo-Theater", sign over garden entrance: "Restaurant Apolloth.", signs on garden walls: "Apollo-Theater, Dir. J. Grauaug",signed: "C. Koch"
Publisher: J. Junginger's Verlag, Stuttgart; No. 168a
Size: Classic
Not sent.

[Stuttgart: Deutsches Theater] Front Text: "Stuttgart, Residenz-Theater",inscriptions: "Residenz-Theater"
Publisher: Gebr. Metz, Tübingen; 1905
Size: Classic
Sent: from Stuttgart to Frankfurt am Main, 1906

[Stuttgart: Deutsches Theater] Front Text: "Stuttgart, Deutsches Theater", inscriptions: "Deutsches Theater", sign over garden entrance: "Residenz-Theater", inscription on right building: "Pavillon-Restaurant"
Publisher: Graph. Kunst- u. Verlagsanstalt A. Weber u. Co., Stuttgart
Size: Classic
Sent: from Stuttgart to Frankfurt am Main, 1923

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