Weißenfels: Kulturhaus

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Sachsen-Anhalt
City: Weißenfels
Location: Merseburger Straße 14

Built before 1872. 1898 used as variety theatre "Apollo-Theater". 1911 renmaed "Volkshaus". 1920 renamed "Stadttheater". Subsequently stage rebuilding. 1933 renamed "Haus der Nationalsozialisten" and used as a nazi party centre; later used as a military hospital and refugee home in World War II. 1945 renamed "Haus des Volkes", 1950 renamed "Klubhaus der Gewerkschaften", 1952 renamed "Klubhaus der Lederarbeiter", 1957 renamed "Klubhaus der Jugend", 1966 renamed "Kreiskulturhaus". Stagehoused destroyed by a fire on 12/13 March 1989, subsequently rebuilt. Since 1992, operated by the city of Weißenfels and renamed "Kulturhaus der Stadt Weißenfels". 1993-1998 renovations.

Link: kulturhaus-weissenfels.de

[Weissenfels: Kulturhaus (Apollo-Theater)] Front Text: "Gruss aus dem Apollo-Theater. Weissenfels.", "Saal fasst 1500 Personen. Specialitäten I. Ranges. Direction: Ad. Horn."
Publisher: Hallesche Papierwarenfabrik, Halle/Saale
Type: Undivided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: within Leipzig, 1903

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