Zittau: Stadttheater (old)

Country: Germany (Deutschland)
State: Sachsen
City: Zittau

Built 1801-1802 by K. C. Eschke. Opened 25 Oct 1802 with a prologue and Iffland's "Verbrechen aus Ehrsucht". Ca. 300 seats. 1862 major rebuilding (725 seats). Destroyed by fire on 3 March 1932.

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[Zittau: Stadttheater (old)] Front Text: "Stadttheater Zittau i. Sa.", inscription:"Stadttheater"
Publisher: Rasco Kunstverlag, [Berlin-]Charlottenburg; Nr. 2506
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

[Zittau: Stadttheater (old)] Picture: foreground: Hercules Fountain, left: Municipal Weighing House, right: row of houses with the Stadttheater
Front Text: "Zittau-Neustadt. Herkulesbrunnen und Stadtwage"
Publisher: Louis Glaser, Leipzig; 6932
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.
[Zittau: Stadttheater (old)]

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