Ceva: Teatro Carlo Marenco

Country: Italy (Italia)
Region: Piemonte
City: Cesena
Location: Piazza Cardinale Adriano

Built 1861 for a group of country aristocrats. Named in honour of the Italian playwright, Carlo Marenco (1800-1846). 1933 foyer extension. 1975 major renovation and various technical extensions. 300 seats.

Link: www.teatromarenco.it, Wikidata

[Ceva: Teatro Carlo Marenco] Reverse Text: "Ceva (Cuneo), Il Teatro Marenco, Edificato nel 1861 e restaurato nel 1975."
Publisher: Foto Edizionio Parma, Rimini
Size: 16.1 x 11.0 cm
Sent: from Cesena to Calgary (Canada), 1995

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