Mantova: Teatro Scientifico

Country: Italy (Italia)
Region: Lombardia
City: Mantova
Location: Palazzo Scientifico, via dell'Accademia 47

Built in 1769 by Antonio Galli Bibiena for a private club, the Academia Vergiliana. Also known as "Teatro Bibiena". It is said that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart inaugurated the theatre with a concert in 1770. 1972 renovations. Originally used for theatre performances, concerts, festive doctorate ceremonies, anatomic postmortems, and regular sessions of the Academy. Currently used for rehearsals and competitions by the local Conservatory, as well as for other concerts and congresses. Ca. 200 seats.

[Mantova: Teatro Scientifico] Reverse Text: "Mantova - Teatro Scientifico, il Palcoscenico - Théâtre Scientifique, la Scène - Scientific theatre, the Stage - Wissenschaftliches Theater, die Bühne"
Publisher: Ed. Cartoleria Rossi, Mantova
Size: Modern
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