Milano: Teatro Filodrammatici

Country: Italy (Italia)
Region: Lombardia
City: Milano
Location: Via Filodrammatici 1 / Piazza della Scala

Built 1798-1800 as "Teatro Patriottico" for a group of theatre lovers (= filodrammatici), the "Compagnia dei Giovani Repubblicani", by converting a former church. Opened 21 Dec 1800 with Vittorio Alfieri's "Filippo". 1805 renamed "Teatro dell'Accademia dei Filodrammatici". 1885 renovations and electrification. Ca.1904 rebuilding by Giovanni Giachi, including a new fašade. 1923 renovations. 1936 converted to a cinema. Damaged by bombs in 1943 and 1945. Subsequently repaired. 1960-1970 major renovations, rebuilding and modernization by Caccia Dominioni. Used for drama performances by the resident company, "Compagnia Stabile del Teatro Filodrammatici".

Notable world premieres:

  • Gino Rocca: Se no i xe mati no li volemo (27 Nov 1926)


[Milano: Teatro Filodrammatici] Publisher: after the 1904 rebuilding
Front Text: "Milano - Teatro dell'Accademia dei Filodrammatici", inscription: "Teatro dell'Accademia dei Filodrammatici"
Publisher: Garzini e Pezzini, Milano; 1906; 7601
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Milano to Antwerpen (Belgium), 1906

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