Parma: Teatro Farnese

Country: Italy (Italia)
Region: Emilia-Romagna
City: Parma
Location: Palazzo della Pilotta, Piazza Marconi

Built 1617-1618 by Giovanni Battista Aleotti for Ranuccio II. Farnese, Duke of Parma and Piacenza, into the former armoury of the ducal residence. First European theatre with a permanent proscenium and the first theatre to be designed for movable scenery. Originally built for a festivity during a visit of Cosimo II. de' Medici in 1618 which was cancelled. Opened 21 December 1628 with Monteverdi's opera "Mercurio e Marte" during the festivities on the occasion of Ranuccio's son Odoardo and Margherita de' Medici. Subsequently used for court festivities like ambassadorial receptions, proclamations of state, and princely extravaganzas, as well as for theatrical performances of an immense variety: drama, opera, ballet, equestrian acts, and balls. The arena between stage and seating could be flooded and used for performances of naval battle scenes. After a festivity in October 1732 the theatre was left to decay. Completely destroyed by bombs in 1944, except the entrance portal. Rebuilt from 1952, but not to the original colours. Hence, the originally intended effect of a trompe l'oeuil open-air theatre could not be achieved again. Occasionally used for drama performances and concerts. Ca. 3000 seats.

[Parma: Teatro Farnese] Front Text: "Parma, Teatro Farnese (Giambattista Aleotti 1618)"
Publisher: Ed. Angelo Civili, Parma
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Parma to Lavizzo (?), [postmark illegible]

[Parma: Teatro Farnese] Reverse Text: "Parma, Teatro Farnese - Parme, Théâtre Farnèse - Parma, Farnese Theatre"
Publisher: Silva, Parma
Size: Modern
Sent: from Parma to Mombasiglio, 1995

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