Tivoli: Villa Adriana: Teatro Greco

Country: Italy (Italia)
Region: Lazio
City: Tivoli (ancient name: Tibur)
Location: Villa Adriana (ancient name: Villa Hadriana)

Ancient theatre, known as "Teatro Greco" (Greek Theatre). One of three ancient Roman theatres in the Villa Adriana complex, the others being the "Teatro Latino" (no longer visible) and the "Odeion" (also known as "Southern Theatre", hardly visible anymore). The structure called "Teatro Marittimo" is not really a theatre.

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Tivoli: Villa Adriana: Teatro Greco Front Text: "Tivoli - Villa Adriana - Avanzi del Teatro Greco"
Publisher: Edit. G. Carosi, Tivoli; 1718
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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