Irkutsk: Dramat. Teatr im. N. P. Okhlopkova

Country: Russia (Rossiya)
Federal District: Siberian Federal District (Sibirsky Federalny Okrug)
Oblast: Irkutskaya Oblast
City: Irkutsk

Built 1894-1897 by A. A. Shretter (after a fire had destroyed the third local wooden threatre on 28 October 1890). Opened 30 August 1897 with a prayer ceremony, and on 2 September 1897 with Gogol's "Auditor". Later renamed in honour of the Russian theatre director and producer, Nikolay Pavlovich Okhlopkov (1900-1967).

[Irkutsk: Dramat. Teatr im. N. P. Okhlopkova] Front Text: "Irkutsk", inscriptions on building: "1894", "1897"
Reverse Text: "Irkutsk, Dramatichesky teatr imeni N. P. Okhlopkova - Irkutsk, The N. P. Okhlopkov Drama Theatre"
Publisher: Plakat, Moskva; 1986
Size: Modern
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