Moskva: Centralny Teatr Rossysky Armii

Country: Russia (Rossiya)
Federal District: Central Federal District (Centralny Federalny Okrug)
City: Moskva
Location: Suvorovskaia ploshchad 2

Built 1934 by K. S. Alabyan and V. N. Simbirchev as Theatre of the Red Army, with an underground walking connection to the Kremlin. As a reference to the symbol of the Red Army, the theatre is built to the ground shape of a five-pointed star. As the largest dramatic theatre building in Europe, it was the location of spectacular performances with real tanks and giant ship models on the stage. Currently used for performances of Russian and international drama. 1900 seats.

[Moskva: Centralny Teatr Rossysky Armii] Front Text: "Moskva"
Reverse Text: "Moskva, Centralny akademichesky teatr Sovetskoy Armii - Moscow, Thaetre of the Soviet Army"
Publisher: Plakat, Moskva; 1984
Size: Modern
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Front Text: Centralny Teatr Sovetskoy Armii

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