Volgograd: Novy Eksperimentalny Teatr

Country: Russia (Rossiya)
Federal District: Southern Federal District (Yuzhny Federalny Okrug)
Oblast: Volgogradskaya Oblast
City: Volgograd (Tsaritsyn, Stalingrad)
Location: ulitsa Mira 5

Opened 20 Dec 1915. 1942 damaged during the battle of Stalingrad. Subsequently restored. Re-opened 2 Aug 1952. In Soviet times, named "Dramatichesky Teatr imeni Gorkovo" in honour of the Russian author, Maxim Gorki (1868-1936).

Links: www.net-volgograd.ru, Wikipedia

[Volgograd: Novy Eksperimentalny Teatr] Reverse Text: "Volgograd, Dramatichesky teatr imeni M. Gorkovo"
Publisher: Planeta, Moskva; 1970; A10049-69 Be-444
Size: Classic
Not sent.

[Volgograd: Novy Eksperimentalny Teatr] Front Text: "Volgograd"
Reverse Text: "Volgograd, Dramatichesky teatr imeni A. M. Gorkovo"
Publisher: Planeta; 1989; 7/8v-8310
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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