London: Alhambra Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
City: London
Borough: City of Westminster
Location: 23-27 Leicester Square

Built 1854 by T. Hayter Lewis as "The Royal Panopticon", used for scientific exhibitions. 1858 conversion to the "Alhambra Circus" by T. Hayter Lewis. 1864 conversion to the "Alhambra Music Hall" by J. H. Rowley. Rebuildings in 1866 and 1881 by Perry and Reed. Destroyed by a fire in 1882. Subsequently rebuilt by Reed, re-opened 1884. Further rebuildings 1888 by Edward Clark, 1892 by Clark and Pollard, 1897 by W. M. Bruton, 1912 by Frank Matcham. Demolished 1936.

[1937 the "Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square" was built on the site.]

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London: Alhambra Theatre Front Text: "Leicester Square and Alhambra, London", sign: "Alhambra"
Publisher: Stengel & Co., Dresden -Berlin; 4309
Type: Undivided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from London to Paris (France), 1903

London: Alhambra Theatre Picture: background, left: Empire Theatre, right: Alhambra Theatre
Front Text: "London, Leicester Square", signs: "Empire", "Alhambra"
Publisher: Raphael Tuck & Sons; "Art" Series 768
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Colchester to Cheswick, 1904

London: Alhambra Theatre Front Text: "The Alhambra, London", signs: "Parisiana", "Alhambra"
Publisher: E. F. A. London Theatre Series; No. 1004
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: to London [stamp and postmark removed]

London: Alhambra Theatre Picture: 1897 extension and entrance at the rear of the theatre to Charing Cross Road
Front Text: "London, Alhambra, Charing Cross Road"
Publisher: Pictorial Stationery Co., London; Platino-Photo 5221 B
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Battersea to Pont-sur-Saulx (France), 1904

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