London: Mermaid Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
City: London EC4
Location: Puddle Dock, Upper Thames Street, Blackfriars

[1st Mermaid Theatre stage built 1951 by converting the hall of St John's Wood School in Acaia Road. 2nd Mermaid Theatre stage built 1953 in the quadrangle of the Royal Exchange.]

Built 1957-1959 by Elidir L. W. Davies for Bernard Miles, by converting the remains of a warehouse destroyed in World War II. Stage design by Michael Stringer and C. Walter Hodges. Opened 28 May 1959 with Laurie Johnson's musical "Lock Up your Daughters". The complex includes a main auditorium (610 seats) and a studio theatre. Originally used for drama and musical performances, later also for conferences. Closed as a theatre in 2003. Later called "The Mermaid - Event Space London" and mainly used for corporate entertainment, congresses, functions, and art exhibitions.

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