London: Stoll Theatre

Country: England, United Kingdom
City: London WC2
Location: Kingsway (between Portugal Street and Sardinia Street)

[First known theatre on the site in the 17th century ('Vere Street Theatre' in Clare Market). From the 18th century to 1911, no theatrical use of the site is recorded.]

Built 1911 as "London Opera House" by Bertie Crewe for Oscar Hammerstein II. Home to a resident opera company. 2600 seats. Closed 1913.

1913 bought by Oswald Stoll, renamed "Stoll Theatre" and re-opened as a variety theatre. An opera season was again staged in 1915. 1916 renamed "Stoll Picture Theatre" and used as a variety theatre and cinema, with variety and revue shows performed before the feature movie. From 1952, used as an drama, opera, and ballet theatre, e.g. by Anton Dolin's Festival Ballet, for guest performances of the Zagreb opera, and drama productions featuring Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh. Demolished in 1958.

[In 1960, an office block including the basement "Royalty Theatre" was built on the site. Later used as a TV studio. Later bought by the London School of Economcs and renamed "Peacock Theatre". Used as a lecture theatre by day and as home to Sadler's Wells Theatre's West End programme by night.]

[London: Stoll Theatre] Picture: London Opera House, ca. 1911-1913
Front Text: "London Opera House, London", sign: "London Opera House"
Publisher: printed in Germany
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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[London: Stoll Theatre] Picture: London Opera House
Front Text: "London Opera House, Kingsway"
Publisher: WHS, Kingsway Real Photo Series; S 9831
Type: Real Photo
Size: Classic
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