Chicago, IL: Civic Opera House

Country: United States of America
State: Illinois
City: Chicago
Location: 20 North Wacker Drive

Built 1929 by Graham, Anderson, Probst & White, as a 45-storey commercial office building with two 22-storey wings. Interior decortaion and painted curtain by Jules Guerrinin. Opened 4 November 1929 with Verdi's "Aida". Subsequently home to the Chicago Civic Opera, Chicago Grand Opera Company, Chicago City Opera Company, and Chicago Opera Company. Also used as a touring venue for opera, dance, operetta, musicals, and concerts. Since 1954 home to the Lyric Opera of Chicago. 1955 renovations. 1993-1996 major renovations and extensions. 1996 main auditorium renamed in honour of Ardis Krainik, general director of the Lyric Opera since 1981. 3653 seats.

Notable world premieres:

  • Krzystof Penderecki: Paradise Lost (1978)


[Chicago, IL: Civic Opera House] Front Text: "The Chicago Civic Opera, Chicago"
Reverse Text: "Chicago Civic Opera, Chicago - The 20 Wacker Drive Building, 42 stories high, occupies the entire block between Madison and Wahshington Streets. In the center of the building is the Opera House, the future home of the Chicago Civic Opera. - Chicago World's Fair 1933"
Publisher: Max Rigot Selling Co., Chicago; C. T. American Art Colored; No. 345 / 121015
Size: Classic
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[Chicago, IL: Civic Opera House] Reverse Text: "Ardis Krainik Theatre, Civic Opera House, Lyric Opera of Chicago"
Size: Modern
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