Houston, TX: Alley Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: Texas
City: Houston
Location: 615 Texas Avenue

Built 1968 by Ulrich Franzen in Brutalist style. Opened November 1968. The complex contains two halls: Hubbard Stage (774 seats) and Neuhaus Stage (310 seats). 2013-2015 major renovations. Home to the resident drama company founded in the 1940s by Nina Vance (1914-1980).

Notable world premieres:

  • Paul Zindel: The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (12 May 1965)
  • Frank Wildhorn/Leslie Bricusse: Jekyll & Hyde (1990)
  • Frank Wildhorn/Gregory Boyd/John Bettis: Svengali (1991)
  • Tony Kushner: Hydriotaphia or the Death of Dr. Brown (1998)
  • Tennessee Williams: Not About Nightingales (1998)
  • Frank Wildhorn/Gregory Boyd/Jack Murphy: The Civil War (1998)
  • Eve Ensler: Lemonade (1999)
  • Frank Wildhorn/Gregory Boyd/Jack Murphy: Wonderland (2010)

Links: www.alleytheatre.org, Wikipedia

[Houston, TX: Alley Theatre ] Reverse Text: "Pictured is the larger of the two stages in Houston's Nina Vance Alley Theatre. Seating an audience of 798 in only 17 rows of specially designed theatre-seats, it has unique side-stage playing areas and 'chandelier-ceiling.' The second stage is an arena seating 296."
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