New York City Theatres: Cross-Reference Index

Acorn Theatre see Theatre Row
Aerial Gardens see New Amsterdam Theatre
All-Male Jewel Theatre see Lyric Theatre, Third Avenue
Alvin Theatre (1927-1983) see Neil Simon Theatre
American Music Hall see American Theatre
American Theatre  
Avery Fisher Hall see David Geffen Hall
Beckett Theatre see Theatre Row
Belasco Theatre (1902-1910) see New Victory Theatre
Belasco Theatre (1910-)  
Bowery Theatre  
Broadway Theatre  
Brougham's Theatre see Fifth Avenue Theatre
B. S. Moss' Broadway Theatre see Broadway Theatre
B. S. Moss' Colony Theatre see Broadway Theatre
Bull's Head Theatre see Bowery Theatre
Cabaret Rheinland  
Carnegie Hall  
Center Theatre  
Century Theatre  
Clarman Theatre see Theatre Row
Cort Theatre  
Cosmopolitan Theatre  
Cosmopolitan Theatre  
Criterion Theatre see New York Theatre & Criterion Theatre
Daly's Fifth Avenue Theatre see Fifth Avenue Theatre
Danse de Follies see New Amsterdam Theatre
David Geffen Hall (at Lincoln Center)  
David H. Koch Theater (at Lincoln Center)  
Empire Theatre  
Erlanger's Theatre (1927-1935) see St. James Theatre
Fay's Bowery Theatre see Bowery Theatre
Fifth Avenue Theatre (1862-1873)  
Fifth Avenue Theatre (1891-1939)  
Fountain Lake Amphitheatre see World's Fair Fountain Lake Amphitheatre
Frolic Theatre see New Amsterdam Theatre
Globe Theatre (1910-1958) see Lunt-Fontanne Theatre
Grand Theatre  
Hammerstein's Olympia see New York Theatre & Criterion Theatre
Hammerstein's Victoria  
Harlem Opera House  
Henderson's Music Hall, Coney Island  
Hotel Macklow Conference Center see Hudson Theatre
Hudson Theatre  
Hudson-Avon see Hudson Theatre
Imperial Theatre  
Kirk Theatre see Theatre Row
Lincoln Center  
Lincoln Square Theatre  
Lion Theatre see Theatre Row
Loew's American Theatre see American Theatre
Lunt-Fontanne Theatre  
Lyric Theatre, Third Avenue  
Lyric Theatre see New York Theatre & Criterion Theatre
Majestic Theatre (1903-1911) see Cosmopolitan Theatre
Majestic Theatre (1927-)  
Majestic Theatre, Brooklyn  
Manhattan Opera House  
Metropolitan Opera House (1883-1966)  
Metropolitan Opera House (1966-, at Lincoln Center)  
Miner's 8th Ave. Theatre  
Neil Simon Theatre  
New Amsterdam Theatre  
New Theatre see Century Theatre
New Victory Theatre  
New York State Theater (at Lincoln Center) see David H. Koch Theatre
New York Theatre see Bowery Theatre
New York Theatre & Criterion Theatre  
Old Bowery Theatre see Bowery Theatre
Olympia Music Hall & Lyric Theatre see New York Theatre & Criterion Theatre
Palace Theatre  
Park Theatre (1798-1848)  
Park Theatre (1911-1923) see Cosmopolitan Theatre
Philharmonic Hall see Avery Fisher Hall (at Lincoln Center)
Proctor's 23rd St Music Hall see Proctor's 23rd St Theatre
Proctor's 23rd St Theatre  
Radio City Music Hall  
Regent Theatre  
Rialto Theatre (Flatbush, Brooklyn)  
RKO Roxy Theatre (1932-1934) see Center Theatre
Roxy Theatre  
St. James Theatre  
Savoy (discotheque) see Hudson Theatre
Strand Theatre  
Stuyvesant Theatre see Belasco Theatre
Thalia Theatre see Bowery Theatre
Theatre Republic see New Victory Theatre
Theatre Row  
Victory Theatre see New Victory Theatre
Winter Garden  
World's Fair Fountain Lake Amphitheatre  
World's Fair Music Hall  

My "most wanted" list of New York City theatre postcards:
  • 44th Street Theatre (Weber & Fields' Music Hall) (1912-1945)
  • Al Hirschfeld Theatre (Martin Beck Theatre)
  • Amato Opera
  • Ambassador Theatre
  • Anco Cinema (Lew Fields Theatre, Harris Theatre, Frazee Theatre, Wallack's Theatre) (1904-1947)
  • Apollo Theatre [42nd Street] (1920-1996)
  • Apollo Theatre, Harlem
  • BAM Brooklyn Academy of Music
  • Biltmore Theatre (1925-1986)
  • Booth Theatre
  • Broadhurst Theatre
  • Broadway Theatre (1888-1929)
  • Brooks Atkinson Theatre (Mansfield Theatre)
  • City Center
  • Di Capo Opera
  • Earl Caroll Theatre (1923-1940, demolished 1990)
  • Ed Sullivan Theatre (Hammerstein's Theatre, Manhattan Theatre)
  • Eltinge Theatre (Empire, Laffmovie) (1912-1986)
  • Ethel Barrymore Theatre
  • Eugene O'Neill Theatre (Forrest Theatre, Coronet Theatre)
  • Ford Center for the Performing Arts
  • Gaiety Theatre (Victoria Cinema, Embassy Cinema) (1908-1982)
  • Garden Theatre (1890-1925)
  • Garrick Theatre (Harrigan's Theatre) (1890-1932)
  • George Abbott Theatre (Craig Theatre, Adelphi Theatre, 54th Street Theatre) (1928-1970)
  • George M. Cohan's Theatre (1911-1938)
  • Helen Hayes Theatre (Folies Bergere, Fulton Theatre) (1911-1982)
  • Helen Hayes Theatre (1983-), (1912: Little Theatre, 1941: New York Times Hall)
  • Henry Miller's Theatre
  • Herald Square Theatre (1894-1915)
  • John Golden Theatre (Theatre Masque)
  • Juillard School
  • Knickerbocker Theatre (Abbey's Theatre) (1893-1930)
  • Longacre Theatre
  • Lyceum Theatre
  • Lyric Theatre [42nd Street] (1903-1966)
  • Manhattan Theatre (Standard Theatre) (1884-1909)
  • Mark Hellinger Theatre (Hollywood Theatre, 51st Street Theatre, Times Square Church)
  • Maxine Elliott's Theatre (1908-1941, demolished 1956)
  • Morosco Theatre (1917-1982)
  • Music Box Theatre
  • Nederlander Theatre (National Theatre, Billy Rose Theatre)
  • New Century Theatre (Jolson's 59th Street Theatre) (1921-1962)
  • Playhouse (1911-1969)
  • Plymouth Theatre
  • Princess Theatre (Labor Stage) (1913-1955)
  • Richard Rodgers Theatre (Chanin's 46th Street Theatre, 46th Street Theatre)
  • Royale Theatre
  • Sam S. Harris Theatre (Candler Theatre, Cohan and Harris Theatre) (1914-1996)
  • Savoy Theatre (Schley Music Hall) (1900-1952)
  • Selwyn Theatre (1918-1997)
  • Shubert Theatre (Sam S. Shubert Theatre)
  • Times Square Theatre (1920-1997)
  • Virginia Theatre (Guild Theatre, ANTA Playhouse)
  • Walter Kerr Theatre (Ritz Theatre)
  • World Theatre (Punch & Judy Theatre, Charles Hopkins Theatre) (1914-1987)
  • Ziegfeld Theatre (1927-1960)
  • ... plus interior and exterior views of other theatres and concert halls
  • ... as well as interesting views of featured theatres that I do not yet have in my collection

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