New York, NY: New Amsterdam Theatre

Country: United States of America
State: New York
City: New York
Location: 214 West 42nd Street / 207-19 West 41th Street

Built 1903 by Herts & Tallant for Klaw and Erlanger. Opened 26 Oct 1903 with Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Nights Dream". Home to the "Ziegfeld Follies" from 1913 until 1927. In the 1940s converted to a cinema. 1994-1997 renovation for Walt Disney Co. Re-opened May 1997 with a concert performance of "King David". Since 1997, used for the musical, "The Lion King". 1771 seats.

Roof theatre: Opened 1904 as "Aerial Gardens" (693 seats). 1914 renamed "Danse de Follies". 1923 renamed "Frolic Theatre".

[New York, NY: New Amsterdam Theatre] Reverse Text: "George P. Hall & Son (active: 1880s-1910s) - New Amsterdam Theatre, ca. 1895 - Silver gelatin" [NB: the year is probably wrong since the theatre didn't open before 1903]
Publisher: The New-York Historical Society
Type: modern postcard reproduction of an old photograph
Size: Modern
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